All about the Status Quo Fighter!

Well, not all, but a lot for sure.

I’m on a mission to give talent the space to shine. To let people discover their talents, develop them further and proudly use them at work. free from hierarchy and bureaucracy and other limitations (function, manager, politics, manager, etc.). so that they go to work with more energy and fulfilment. Wake me up for that anytime! 


About me

I’m the loud guy in HR that wants to change almost everything. I want to change how we organise work, releasing all talents people have to freely flow.

Apart from that, I’m married to Jantina and we have two awesome boys, James and Jake. 
Oh, and I run on coffee! 



Hire me to change the way you work, to coach you and or your team or to facilitate team days and trainings. 



Yes, crack is bad for you. But coffee is not too bad ;-). Let’s meet up and explore the possibilities. 


Sure, it may sound good, but what is it then? Specifically. Well, it’s not one thing, it’s a couple of things. Consultant, trainer, coach. In that order ;-).

Organising work differently

As a consultant I’ve joined Peoples. 

Peoples is a great team of HR specialists, where I’m their ‘self-organising’ guy. They use TMA a lot and are pretty innovative when it comes to compensation and benefits. 


On-site training for teams

I host a variety of workshops and trainings. The ones I enjoy the most are S3 patterns, for increasing team autonomy. Also, I host an NLP-based employability training. Also, I use TMA technology to identify talents and strengths. 

I also train (beginning) works councils and give corporate storytelling training.

Be the best you can be

Sometimes things don’t go as you want anymore. You’re a bit stuck, or can’t get to the next level. Many have experienced this and they got through it. With a little help.

As a coach, I’m head-on and challenging. I don’t avoid the tricky bits and don’t do ‘pappen en nathouden’. I help you find answers in new places. So if you want to start it up, let’s grap a coffee and go for a walk. 

Face-to-face is where
I really shine

Hopefully, this website gives you a feel for what kinda guy I am. But I’m much more fun in real life ;-). So if you want to have a chat about a challenge or just want to meet up, let me know! Coffee? 


Are there challenges in your team? Want to improve the way you work together? Get to results faster? With better teamwork? Time to get a cup of coffee!

Or is it about yourself? Could you use some support making more considered career choices? Coffee!

Or you just want to know more about me and get together? Coffee again off course!

And, sure, if you want, you can send me a messages without having coffee. Bummer though. 

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